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KingHill´s Key Rail Partnerships

KingHill`s ambition is always to have long relationship with our customers, today we are the proud local partner in Australia & New Zeeland for the following exciting Swedish entities & solutions:

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Railway was founded in 1992 offers products and services that enhance customers’ reliability, punctuality and profitability, primarily in the Nordic region and the UK. The railway industry is in a period of positive development, with increasing traffic volumes and extensive investment programmes, as well as rapid development of cost-efficient freight and passenger transport and increasing environmental awareness.

Over the years, Railcare have developed a high-volume vacuum excavator machine for the railway maintenance market. Specifically to address the difficult areas that standard excavators are unable to perform, along with the increased safety of reducing work being carried out manually.

Railcare’s Railvac handles ballast replacement in rail switches and crossings, through tunnels, bridges, and platforms. The Railvac is also used for cable location and handling, drain pipes, newly constructed, or for maintenance and relocation purposes. It can work almost anywhere an excavator is required, with increased safety and efficiency along with high productivity and minimum disruption to rail traffic.

In Australia we plan for demo-trials with potential key customers during 2023.


The key value drivers for Rail-VAC & Precision ballas feeding system:

  • Very powerful vacuum excavation, removing/refilling about 20-35m3 material per hour, without damaging buried services like cables, with very quick setup/wrap up at site that ultimately improve efficiency.

  • Another major benefit for the Australian rail network that is electrified, is that we can operate our system safely under live wires – as we do in Sweden and UK (since 2005)!

  • Since June 2021, there is Rail-VAC running 100% on battery power in the Swedish Rail Network. New version can be future proofed by modular diesel-motor that can be upgraded over time to battery packs!

  • Both capabilities operated by only 3-man-crew!


For more information, please see: Railcare´s webpage



JTM have got a unique solution for handling the change of wheel axles on ore cars/wagons safely with one person in less than 5 minutes. JTM has had installations of the wheel changer running for +15 years in Sweden at LKAB, Europe´s biggest iron ore mining operations.


First pilot unit established by Gemco Rail in Melbourne, please see their announcement: Gemco Rail announce purchase & shipment of JTM wheelchanger


A 2 min short movie of the JTM solution can be viewed on this link, - please use the password: JTM


For more information, please see: JTM`s webpage

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