KingHill´s Key Engagements

KingHill`s ambition is always to have long relationship with our customers, today we are the proud exclusive local partner in Australia & New Zeeland for the following exciting Swedish entities & solutions:

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(by Gomero AB)

The Swedish SIPP system is a connected device ensuring your water discharges are made safe, cost efficient and is monitored 24/7. The solution was created back in 2002 when the biggest Swedish utility Vattenfall spilled 20,000 litres of oil from a transformer bund into a popular swimming lake…


We believe if an asset owner is to really control the output of their equipment, they must continuously monitor the output and not rely on a certificate from manufacturers that the output for the rest of the assets lifetime of 15-25 years will be according this set value…. Which is the current model for handling the discharge of rainwater from oil-catchment systems like the transformer bunds.


The SIPP solution is one of very few systems that can detect both Esther oil and Mineral oil down to 1 PPM (most installations run either 5 or 10 PPM as acceptable threshold levels to pump to stormwater or ground). With Ester oil having a density more similar to water than Mineral oil, traditional separators have big problems detecting Ester oil spills.


In Australia we now have SIPP systems running across 6 customers (4 DNSPs, 1 TNSPs & 1 Railway infrastructure operator). The majority of our installations to date have been retrofit projects.


The key drivers for going with the SIPP system;


  • With 24/7 monitoring SIPP is a control unit (not a treatment or filter), it measures and test all water discharged and archive all protocols. Don´t discharge anything with an oil content higher than threshold (typically 5-10 PPM oil)

  • Proactive maintenance, Clear overview of status on all assets, flexible alarm management structure (possible to link with asset register for full transparency), no visits without prior alarm.

  • AI detections of Leaks in structure or melting Snow in bunds; with fixed installed SIPP units that monitor levels in the bunds & pits 24/7 our AI analysis will detect if the bunds & pits are sealed or if the leak over time and when melting snow overflow bunds (please see the attached material)!


For more information, please see: Gomero´s webpage



Metrum provides world leading, intelligent measurement systems of power quality. Our solutions assist customers to avoid downtime and power quality issues. We offer our customers tailor made comprehensive solutions for power quality measurement, where the customer's unique requirements comprise the foundation for the delivered solution.


Our key target group is the Energy & Utility network sector – from power generation through Transmission & Distribution to heavy industries which are big electricity consumers.


As a testimony that Metrum is an international leader in its field, Metrum is taking a leading part in some very interesting EU-financed Research, European Pattern Recognition project; Home ( & Big storage & battery project in;


For more information, please see: Metrum´s webpage  

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JTM have got a unique solution for handling the change of wheel axles on ore cars/wagons safely with one person in less than 5 minutes. JTM has had installations of the wheel changer running for +15 years in Sweden at LKAB, Europe´s biggest iron ore mining operations.


First pilot unit established by Gemco Rail in Melbourne, please see their announcement: Gemco Rail announce purchase & shipment of JTM wheelchanger


A 2 min short movie of the JTM solution can be viewed on this link, - please use the password: JTM


For more information, please see: JTM`s webpage