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KingHill is an International Trade & Development partner. Our vision is to foster more international collaboration and trade between Australia & New Zealand and Sweden.

Based on our extensive industry experience and knowledge, we have the capability to take on marketing and trade promotion projects. We can also act as a fully integrated partner for our clients' global marketing and sales organisation.


Over the years we have helped both Scandinavian and Australian public and private sector clients achieve their trade promotion goals, and our consultants are regularly called upon to act as marketing advisors, sales representatives, and facilitators.

KingHill works closely with Team Sweden in Australia (the Embassy of Sweden, Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce and Business Sweden) to achieve our joint vision of a prosperous business relations between our countries. Please see the Business Footprint in Australia-report by the Embassy of Sweden  for an updated view. 





We are humble and honoured to have the continued trust to lead the Sweden Rail group, an informal industry network of Swedish suppliers, since we initiated it 2017. Similarly, the Sweden Energy group was launched successfully in 2020.

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KingHill is the proud exclusive local partner in Australia & New Zeeland for the following exciting Swedish entities & solutions:


  • Gomero with their unique SIPP solution offering a predictive maintenance platform for substation which is monitored 24/7 securely archived in the cloud!

  • Metrum the Swedish Power Quality (PQ) experts with a full range of class A metres and leading analytical platform with capabilities of AI, PQ forecast & automatic reporting!

  • Railcare offers a high-volume vacuum excavator machine for the railway maintenance market to increase productivity and improve safety to the rail industry!

  • JTM has an automatic solution for handling the change of wheel axles on rail ore cars safely with one person in less than 5 minutes!

KingHill is forever grateful for receiving the Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce´s award in 2018 for the Excellence in Small Business for the growth achieved during our start-up years from early 2016!

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