Key Clients

For some key clients KingHill is the exclusive marketing & sales representative in Australia & New Zealand. In joint project with these clients we have mapped the opportunities and developed long term plans for trade promotion with specific marketing & sales initiatives that KingHill is now executing long term.


KingHill represents and promotes the Industriarmatur solution SIPP (Safe Indication of Petroleum Products) in Australia and New Zealand which ensure proactive, cost efficient & safe discharges of rainwater from transformer pits. The key focus is Power generation and Utility companies, Rail infrastructure & Oil storage with similar challenges of ensuring zero oil spills in a cost-efficient and safe manner. In Australia, SIPP units have been trialled in NSW, VIC & SA and there is big interest for new units.


For more information, please see:
Industriarmatur - SIPP


JTM have got a unique solution for handling the change of wheel axles on ore cars/wagons safely with one person in less than 5 minutes and got installations in Sweden at LKAB (Iron Ore), Boliden (Copper) and formerly with Northland Resource (Iron Ore). So far JTM have received big interest across Australia, through KingHill´s promotional activities, especially when potential clients consider new or upgrading their existing rail workshops. We hope to get the first unit in operation in 2018.


For more information, please see:
JTM - sheet-metal, welding, machinery, and hydraulics.

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